"The aroma penetrates into the depths, right in the heart...

He who owns the smell owns the people’s hearts"

Today the sense of smell plays a significant role in people's lives. We get the first impression about a person, place or thing by smell, and only then we evaluate it visually, tactile or otherwise. Odors stir up some associations, stimulate emotions, and influence the mood, efficiency and even health.

The art of aroma design is in making the smells that surround you suit your mood, the room atmosphere, and at the same time combine in harmony.

Prince Group is ready to provide a range of marketing activities that will allow you to create a memorable atmosphere everywhere in your hotel.

Aroma marketing includes: aroma design, aroma cleaning, aroma printing, aroma souvenirs, etc.


Applying new state-of-the-art techniques, our specialists will find a simple and unique way to make any room individual.


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